Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Simple Things

Back in January Ross and I planted a vegetable garden.  Due to amazing spring-ish weather through February and March, and good bit of rain, our garden is quite happy.

Within the past few weeks our garden has produced leafy greens like you've never seen.  Honestly, growing your own greens will get you extremely excited about cooking veggies.  So, I recently picked some kale and spinach, washed it, then steamed for a few minutes. A quick and easy side dish from my backyard!

Not to get sappy, but it's a wonderful thing to produce your own food.  It is definitely something I never saw myself doing, but I always appreciated self-sustainability.  Through composting, recycling, collecting rain water and growing a vegetable garden, Ross and I are making an effort to take care of this beautiful world that we live in.  If you think about it, we're the ones who attempted to ruin it by drilling deep into the earth and dumping trash into the ocean, so why not put a little something nice back in it?

On an entirely different note, I took this adorable photo of Dexter the same day:

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