Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Southern Comfort

If there's one thing I miss about living in the deep south, it's fried chicken.  Don't get me wrong, my mom lives in Austin too and makes damn good fried chicken, but this southern delicacy is hardly appreciated in a city where steaks, bbq and tacos rank supreme.

When I learned that Lucy's Fried Chicken opened a few months ago on South Congress, the cravings immediately kicked in.  They have everything you need to make a girl homesick for Mississippi.

Fried chicken,
collard greens,
black eyed peas,
cornbread stuffing...

Good beer on tap.

An insane pie selection, namely the lime pie.

Did I mention there was live music on the patio? Yep. 

I <3 Lucy's.

Good ole southern comfort, deep in the heart of Texas.

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