Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Happy Anniversary!

To me? Why thank you.

The inaugural year of this blog has been nothing short of lovely.  I've tasted all (most) of what Austin has to offer, learned to love vegetables as a main dish and not just a side, and dabbled in cooking with the best of Texas produce. 

My One Green Table Greatest Hits List:
Year One

Constant Gardeners where it all began
Tomato Sandies so simple, yet completely wonderful 
Keen-Wah picture perfect
Simply The Best Ode to my BFF
Cajun Time dreaming of that NOLA flavor
Fancy 4th of July we fancy y'all 

My promise to you for year two:

Plenty of photos from these white sandy beaches

A taste of Florida's finest produce (and a few other worthwhile purchases)

Hopefully many, many meals with a view like this

And oh so much more...

1 comment:

  1. That sandwhich and view look yummy!!! Soak it up for me


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