Friday, July 27, 2012

Summer Favorite

{photo credit to Gentyl & Hyers at Cooking Light}
One of the things I love most about summer besides EVERYTHING! is the abundance of inexpensive and flavorful produce; namely watermelon.  

Because this tasty fruit (among many others) flourishes in warm weather, it's the perfect excuse to consume massive amounts of locally grown produce.  To explain further, I'm truly just not one for self control - I'm an all dip and no chip kinda gal - so having all of these super healthy and delicious seasonal offerings at my disposal is this southern girl's dream come true... 

What I'm craving now:
Watermelon Slushie
{photo credit to Krysta's Life in Food, recipe here}
Riddle me this: what could possibly be more refreshing than a watermelon slushie?

{photo credit to Monica B Hide, recipe here}
To keep it simple, mix one part frozen watermelon (seedless & cubed) and one part coconut water. Pop it in the blender on the highest setting until the mixture is completely smooth.

{photo credit to Kimberly Snyder, recipe here}
To get fancy, add... 
mint or basil
a tablespoon of agave nectar or honey
a splash of lime juice
a banana or any kind of berries
maybe even a shot of rum if you're feeling a little crazy

{photo credit to Raw Food Recipes, recipe here}
And now I give you 5 reasons to drink (or eat) up: just incase you still need a reason or two...
watermelon provides healthy amounts of virtually all essential vitamins and minerals 
just 1 wedge of watermelon provides over 30% of your daily Vitamin A & C requirement
it's a powerful ally against many types of cancer, because it contains lycopene
it tastes wonderful
it's very pretty

Any questions?

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