Friday, October 19, 2012


It never fails. After taking a few months to get settled into my new home, I'm ready to go

No, not to up and move to the next city or town on my list, but to travel and explore. {To be inspired by cultures I've yet to experience, or to revisit those which inspired me in years past.}

It's not that I don't love where I live, or that I haven't loved where I've lived in the past. It's that I love traveling as much as I love food, so staying put for too long just won't do.

{Insert reality check here.} As much as I'd love to be a jetsetter, continent hopping and dining beneath La Tour Eiffel, I haven't the time off work nor the funds to make it happen. So rather than physically traveling the world, I'm thinking a tour of my favorite worldly dishes will have to suffice until my money tree hits a growth spurt. 

{Thai Red Curry} Something about the sweet coconut milk takes this dish one step above its Indian counterparts.
{Croque-Monsieur} A hot ham and cheese topped with béchamel and more cheese. Yes, yes, yes. A thousand times yes.  Avec un coca light s'il vous plaît!
{Fried Plantains} Just say yes and never look back.
{Paella} One of the many things I love about Spanish culture, paella packed with seafood and saffron, then comes the siesta...
{Belgian Waffles} When in Brussels, one of the most adorable cities in all of Europe, you must walk the cobblestone streets and nosh on belgian waffles. You can find these delectable treats on every street corner, making them impossible to pass up.

I can safely say that writing this post has not helped at all with my craving to be leaving on a jet plane, but it will just have to do for now. 

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