Friday, July 29, 2011

Johnson's Backyard Garden

I have wanted to get involved with the food community in Austin for a while.

A few weeks ago, I noticed that Johnson's Backyard Garden had a few positions open for the Farmer's Market that coming Saturday. Not only was it paid, it fit my schedule, AND I would get to walk away with locally grown organic vegetables... and even get to know the farmers! This opportunity sounded ideal so Chris and I applied. Chris was offered a spot almost immediately. And the next week, they gave me a shot.

There we were, working side by side, lifting crate after crate of fresh produce. I was shocked Austin could produce such an array of food. There were vegetables I had never seen before. For instance, I learned about the Ringo Pepper, which is a long yellow pepper that has the same sweetness as a Bell Pepper.

It was a long morning of heavy lifting and quick math. We ate figs, and traded with the other vendors to develop a lovely assortment of treasures that we could share with the neighbors.

We walked away with more vegetables than you can imagine, Grandma’s hummus, locally made pickles, a whole chicken, and a potential hula hoop instructor. Ross and Sarah came over to help us chop, can, and pickle everything in sight. We finished the day sitting around the dining room table, relaxed from our hard day’s work, and enjoyed great conversation.

And being the design nut that I am, I couldn’t help but notice their lovely branding; it's simple, clean, and wonderfully unique. Ryan Rhodes is the brain behind their designs and all the photos below are courtesy of the Johnson's Backyard Garden website.

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