Monday, July 25, 2011

Meet the family


Full name: Dexter McCluster.
Named after former Ole Miss wide receiver/running back because you just can't catch her.
She has a bad attitude and chooses friends carefully, so don't expect to win her over very quickly. Dexter enjoys barking at passer-bys, chasing her tail, and playing fetch. Her favorite food is uncooked pasta.


Nickname: Carol the Queen, the royal fluff
Named after her old stomping grounds in South Carolina. She has a deeeep southern drawl and she loves to hold hands. Her favorite food is chicken and whatever else she can find in the trash whenever her parents are at work. To see what she's been up to, follow her on twitter @Carol_the_Queen.


Full name: Judge Judy
Ruler of all. Protector and servant. The whole world is her kingdom. To an outsider, she is notorious for her false judgments. But to those who know her well, she has the heart of a mother. She'd do anything to protect her family.

Stop in any time, they'd love to meet you!

Sarah & Katie

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