Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Superfood Season

There are so many things I love about winter.

Layering some of my favorite clothing items to keep warm {and look fabulous}. Making an extra pot of coffee each morning. Long walks with my pup. Sunday matinees, because you wouldn't dare waste a summer Sunday at the movies. Steamed or sautéed greens in lieu of cold, crunchy salads. Red wine. Sipping on green tea all day, every day. 

But most of all? It's superfood season.  You have to take advantage of it!
brussels sprouts
all citrus fruits

Go - no run - to the grocery store to take advantage of the fact that all of these fruits and vegetables should be available to you in heaps.  What's more? Most of these can be grown locally and with ease, so you may get a steal of a deal when you run to buy out the produce department.

I'm loving lists lately, so I'll continue with a list of
amazing superfood recipes:

1. green smoothies {don't love greens? stick 'em in a smoothie}
2. pomegranate-walnut oatmeal {coincidentally part of the food lover's cleanse}
3. white bean stew with swiss chard & tomatoes {sounds perfect with a scoop of brown rice}
4. cauliflower pizza {should definitely try this sooner rather than later}
5. leek and asparagus frittata {I have a thing for frittatas}
6. roasted brussels sprouts with lemon {my love for brussels is clear}
7. raw kale, cabbage and carrot salad {the trifecta of superfoods?}


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