Friday, January 18, 2013

Whole Journeys

As you all may know, I absolutely love Whole Foods Market. {I proclaim my love for said company here.} Well, they're spreading their wings into uncharted territory. {For a grocery store, at least.}

Thinking I should purchase this print

Picture this: traveling half way around the world to visit the farm from which your favorite brand of quinoa comes, or cooking an organic meal consisting of fruits and vegetables grown within the confines of the farm you’re camping on that night. Yes. Please and thank you.

Photo from
Whole Journeys provides specialized, multi-day international and domestic trips for small groups. These active adventures will focus on truly engaging guests with local cultures in ‘through-the-back-door’ experiences. Regional cuisines and the culture of food will be key components, as will face-to-face interactions with producers and artisans.” - John Mackey, Co-CEO Whole Foods Market

I truly have a lust for travel. I think about my next vacation constantly, but what I’m really craving is an adventure. I can safely say that I haven’t been camping in a tent since I was 10 years old and that I haven’t traveled with less than a rolling bag and carry on since I back-packed through Europe for a month following my freshman year of college.

Photo found here.
I’m long overdue for adventure. {Although, I’d say my bank account disagrees. Spending $50 on sushi? That’s adventure enough for my checking account.}


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