Friday, November 2, 2012

Preseason Spirit

It's that time again, my dears...when I get in the holiday spirit leaps and bound ahead of the rest.

If you're generally the bahumbug type in November, and oppose any signs of Christmas spirit prior to Thanksgiving, click away now.

I am completely obsessed with the {skinny} Peppermint Mocha at Starbucks again this year. It's chocolately, minty and stacked with caffeine. {What more could you possibly ask for in a to-go beverage?} 

This is my go to Nov. 1st - Dec. 25th.  I consume massive amounts of lattes in the weeks leading up to Christmas, probably because I'm amped about holidays approaching and want to sustain my energy for a good 60 days. This is just the first step in my premature celebration of the holidays.  If you're like me and want to spread the Christmas cheer all day every day, you'll need a few staple items:

1. The Starbucks app on your phone to track and accrue points for all of the Peppermint Mochas you will be consuming over the next two months
2. This Voluspa candle, much more chic than a bowl full of pine cones
3. Pumpkin pie spice, to sprinkle on coffee grounds prior to brewing, your daily bowl of oatmeal, and anything else you could possibly imagine
4. A fabulous Christmas CD, I'm still stuck on this one from last year, but can always switch to my old stand by {Ol' Blue Eyes himself} or this fab Christmas album I still swoon over from my youth {Merry Christmukkah, y'all}
5. {Optional} Watch this childhood favorite, this family staple, or this funny flick which is quickly becoming a classic in my book

And there you a have it. A full proof, holiday-riffic game plan for becoming a Christmas in November ambassador for years to come. You're welcome.


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