Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Love Affair

Hi! My name is Katie and I’m addicted to queso.

I think the word “weekend” is interchangeable with the word “queso”. Some people have a drug problem, some people have a drinking problem. But me… I have a much more rare disease. If I don’t have queso at least once a weekend, I feel like I need a redo.

My condition has worsened: “at least once a weekend” is not enough anymore. I need more. Sometimes I enjoy queso so much that it feels like I’m cheating on Chris. I look forward to it. I wait for it day in and day out. What confines my rendezvous with queso to the weekend? I think my love affair has gotten out of control because of this. Pairing the concept of weekend and the indulgence of queso makes for a cranky Monday. Love and freedom are nowhere in sight, 5 days away to be exact. That’s why I’ve decided to make queso tonight. Is my problem worsening because my queso addiction is now oozing into my Monday? Or am I on the road to recovery as the veil of denial lifts with this post? Either way: Please send queso.

This typographic poster was created by Simon Walker. And I need a copy. Not only is it very well done, but it is so relate-able. Queso is the cure for the common everything. Check out the rest of Simon Walker’s work, he makes beautiful type.


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