Thursday, September 15, 2011

Miss Jane

My good friend, Jane Marie from See Jane Create, posted a very inventive recipe yesterday that I want to share. I’ve been trying to squeeze veggies in my diet whenever I can and this is a great way to do so! Jump on over to her blog to see her recipe for Cauliflower Rice, better known as "skinny bitch rice". I’m in awe of this idea and will definitely be trying it this weekend. If Jane says it’s good, I’m in. This woman can cook better than anyone I’ve ever met. She’s got some of the best down-home recipes I’ve ever tasted and she’s quick to share them! Trouble is, they are always better when she’s the cook. She’s got magic hands in the kitchen, and I sure miss having her around.

Cooking ain't the only thing that Jane is good at. Check out her Cork People. Jane creates these wine stoppers in her pottery studio in Greenville, MS. Comment on this post if you are interested in one of these gems and I'll give you her contact information. I just put in an order for a Cork People gnome, can't wait until it arrives!

miss you Miss Jane,


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