Monday, August 8, 2011

How do you take your daily cup of joe?

If you knew me when I was 14 and if you know me now, I love my coffee.

Courtesy of Keep Calm Gallery

Obviously, the taste is simply heaven. But the aroma... intoxicating. The scent that overcomes the bulk coffee section at Central Market or your local Starbucks is simply divine. Just coming in contact with these lovely beans can pop those eyes wide open.

If you are not a coffee person, I have to wonder why. The options are endless: black, with cream, soy, skim, half and half, sweetened, with honey, sugar, splenda, truvia, raw sugar.. and on and on and on.

Whichever way you take it, your daily brew should always be sinfully delicious. Here's to making this morning especially productive and optimistic.
Happy Monday!


  1. ah yup!!! morning, afternoon..rain, shine..steamed, iced...:) yaaaasss please!

  2. oh, and i just remembered a poster i saw once. "Coffee is like a Lover, best when they're hot and steamy."


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