Friday, August 19, 2011

What's in season now: Peppers

I remember my first trip to the Farmers Market. It was in Oxford, MS on a Saturday morning in early June. I was a lost soul. I wandered through the parking lot (oh yes, it took place in front of the local Sears, situated next door to my favorite antique store), confused and uninformed, then I left. Empty handed.

Little did I know it's actually pretty easy to pick out produce, just buy what's inexpensive and what's plentiful and colorful.

If there are not many tomatoes to choose from, chances are they are at the end of their season, or the weather conditions are not conducive to produce. (Hence why the tomatoes from our garden are no more.)

If there is an item that is bright, potent, and diverse in color.. take those for a spin.

Pretty easy, huh?


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