Friday, August 5, 2011

New Amsterdam Market

I have to thank my BFF and bon vivant, Sarah Bush, for taking me to the New Amsterdam Market during my most recent visit to NYC. We arrived to the Old Fulton Fish Market on a cool Sunday in May, around noon, to find the festivities had just begun. As we waited on Marianna (and her beau, Dave) to arrive, we strolled the aisles delighting over the infinite possibilities of organic fare and refreshments.

Once the belated duo arrived, Sarah and I aptly chose a lobster roll and grilled rabbit wrap to share, and lemon kombucha to wash it down. We also chose fresh pasta (which the vendor so kindly bagged and put on dry ice for us!), tomatoes, and basil to take back for dinner.

What makes this Farmer's Market so spectacular is the vendors, who are on a mission to feed you and take you back in time. The New Amsterdam Market is reminiscent of the Public Market, which took place in the 1930's. Being that the economy is in a similar state now, the New Amsterdam Market is focusing on reviving small, local businesses and encouraging consumers to eat regional and seasonal product.

I found this amazing picture of the old Fulton Fish Market on the New Amsterdam Market website.
That was then... and this is now.

You can find live plants, such as wild leeks and ginger.

An amazing assortment of local and seasonal veggies.

Handmade stuffed pastas and sauces, which we could not resist.

Even more vegetables! Crazy looking mushrooms that I could not name to save my life.

And look at this... grilled rabbit. It had a chipotle sauce with grilled green onions and fresh cilantro to top.
I think we all know the warm, grilled flatbread was home made. De-vine.

This was easily the highlight of my girls weekend in New York City. One of the many reasons why I love my friends is that they know how to feed me!


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