Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Alice Waters

This is a great interview with the revolutionary and inspiring Alice Waters.

"[Studying abroad in Paris] was really an awakening for me," she says. "I felt like I had never really eaten before. I had liked certain things but I didn't understand how it fit into people's lives in a delicious way. When I went [to Paris] and walked past the markets and ate in the little restaurants, it was like a revelation. ... So when I came home, I felt like I could really make this happen in my own life."

On tasting fresh produce

"It delights me to see them surprised and to see them so happy. ... It makes me believe in my mission that if people taste something that's irresistible, it will wake them up like it woke me up when I went to Paris."

On pricing local food

"We have to understand that we want to pay the farmers the real price for the food that they produce. It won't ever be cheap to buy real food. But it can be affordable. It's really something that we need to understand. It's the kind of work that it takes to grow food. We don't understand that piece of it."

Read more about this interview here.


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